Albert Veksler (Albert Türnpu)

Everything you always wanted to know about Albert

Albert Veksler (Albert Türnpu)

Grown out of Baptist and St. Olav's Methodist Church, Tartu Elu Sõna (a Christian congregation) was founded by Albert Veksler in 1988, who became the sole dictator and pastor of the Church in Tartu, Estonia. Albert was 22 at the time.

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In February of 2003, Albert Türnpu moved with his family to Israel and changed his legal name to Albert Veksler.

Albert Veksler (Albert Türnpu) with his wide Heli Veksler and children

One of many Christmas card's Albert sent to the members of Tartu Elu Sõna.

God Speaks Through Albert

The Perestroika had started and people in the ex-Soviet states were able to breathe more easily. Some realized the possibilities of making money are there.

In the August of 1988, Albert translated an audio cassette of Benny Hinn, a televangelist who recently admitted an affair with a fellow televangelist Paula White, and had a vision from God of him saving Estonia. He started to import the American style evangelical missionary to the small city of Estonia. Presenting himself as healing miracles preacher, he promised to heal them as long as they obey the Lord Jesus Christ, live a righteous life (strictly set by Albert), and of course, give him their money.